by Walter Last

The section on Spirituality shows how we can create and maintain health by adopting a natural lifestyle and holistic ways of healing. In addition, you may find information on natural ways to overcome specific diseases, as well as selected articles and books on various health and spiritual topics. I intend to keep this site growing so continue checking for new additions and alterations.

I have no doubt that we can indeed live a healthy and fulfilled live, regardless of age, and that this is actually our natural birthright. We just need to avoid, or remove, the artificial living conditions that prevent us from being who we really are. A main problem for genuine health and spiritual seekers is the great flood of advice available in these areas. Much of it is either contradictory, or alternatively, there are so many different methods to choose from that it seems almost hopeless to find the right one.

I have sifted through much of this information and experimented with many different healing methods in more than thirty years as a natural therapist, with the aim of finding out what works for whom and in which conditions. Even more important for me was my spiritual quest to find the meaning of life in general, and the purpose of my own life in particular.

Here I want to share my experiences as a life-long health and spiritual seeker. Professionally, I started as a biochemist, research chemist and forensic chemist in medical university departments. Later, I progressed to become a natural therapist and health writer.

My books HEAL YOURSELF and HEALING FOODS were published by Penguin Australia but are now out of print. I was the main contributor to THE SELF-HELP CANCER CURE BOOK (Soil & Health Association of N.Z.), and recently THE NATURAL WAY TO HEAL (see this page).