Your body always tries to fulfill your expectations, or your inner fears.
Therefore, have great expectations. . . expect to be how you want to be.

Most individuals come to this site in search of a specific remedy to cure their problems. However, holistic healing does not work this way. If you do not first establish a solid foundation for good health, then a magic bullet may only give temporary relief, and other health problems keep creeping up. Therefore, the guiding principle of this website is to first get the basics right and then further improve and maintain health through a natural lifestyle. With this approach you can expect most health problems to greatly improve or disappear in time without specific remedies. The remaining, more deep-seated problems can then be more easily diagnosed and treated with specific methods.

The two basic conditions that are most in need of improvement are detoxification and restoring cellular oxidation. These two aspects are closely related and have been greatly damaged by the combination of pharmaceutical medicine and corporate greed. In my understanding they are the main causes of most of our modern diseases.  Cellular oxidation generates the energy that we need for maintaining and operating our body. It becomes more or less blocked by fungal toxins after the intestinal microbiome has been damaged by antibiotics and similar drugs in combination with an unbiological diet. This causes an (initially temporary) overgrowth of invasive Candida, fungal-related bacteria (pleomorphics) and viral species. These produce toxins that block our cellular oxidation and continue to do so even after these toxic microbes have been largely eliminated. They are like landmines left behind by a retreating army. Therefore, long-term antifungal therapy is important, but it will not restore our cellular energy production and overcome our diseases, for this Biological Oxygen Therapy is needed.

The other essential aspect is detoxification or detox. The body accumulates an ever increasing amount of toxins from unbiological foods, medical drugs, polluted air, synthetic nutrients and nutrients that are not properly oxidised in the body and discharged through the liver and kidneys. These toxins accumulate mainly in the weakest parts of the body, hindering our energy metabolism and making us susceptible to microbial attacks. The fastest health improvement commonly can be seen with periodic raw-food fasting, e.g. for 3 days or up to one week each month. The mildest form is by periodically omitting the evening meal and have only a light raw afternoon snack. Generally it is much safer to proceed slowly rather than overdoing it.

Antifungal and anti-parasite therapy are closely related to detox. Keep it up long-term. You can select suitable remedies from The Ultimate Cleanse.  My preferred combination in advanced conditions is 1 to 2 g of borax once daily with food or drink, periodically alternated with Fenbendazol which is also an excellent parasite remedy. With any supplements and remedies do not just use the recommended dosages, experiment a lot to find out if your body responds better to more or less. This may change from time to time with different emotional and body conditions.

Finally, the liver is first and most severely affected by fungal intestinal overgrowth. This causes it to lose much of its oxidative and detoxifying abilities. It is most severe when the condition has been inherited as Pyroluriabut most individuals presently acquire it more gradually with advancing age and deteriorating health. The basic cause of Pyroluria is a declining ability of the liver to oxidise a group of biochemicals, called pyrroles, to form oxidative enzymes, called Haems or Hems (US), such as in Haemoglobin. The excess of pyrroles is excreted with the urine, but also takes zinc, vitamin B6 and especially its active form P5P along. This severely interferes with the use of proteins and amino-acids by the liver.

Therefore pyroluria therapy needs to be combined with restoring our cellular oxidation and detoxification to effectively improve and restore our health. I believe that by adopting the outlined strategy as a long-term program, most diseases will just disappear and good health will eventually be restored. But it will not be a joy-ride because of frequent and sometimes severe detox reactions.

Restoring Health with Nutrition

For restoring our health it is essential to combine appropriate nutrition with detox, antifungal therapy and biological oxygen therapy. Appropriate nutrition in this context means a diet high in bioenergy or life force energy and essential nutrients. Bioenergy is the type of energy that the body needs to restore itself. Originally it comes from the sun, is intercepted and stored in living plants as carbohydrates and oils, transferred first to plant-eating animals and then to carnivores which store it in their tissue structure. Through cellular oxidation it is then reconverted to bioenergy that the body can use to grow and live.

However, when cellular oxidation is more or less blocked, bioenergy to operate the body is in short supply and needs to be boosted with additional free bioenergy as attached to live food. This makes it important that we do not only rely on nutrients that need to be oxidised, but also get it in free form food.


Bioenergy is an etheric energy situated between the electromagnetic spectrum and emotional energies, You may imagine it as a very light gas or like sunlight,  much lighter than the gases that physics is familiar with. This makes it understandable that bioenergy in food easily gets lost when heated, and why raw food has such a high healing potential. Most food, as presently processed and cooked, has hardly any free bioenergy but there is still some bioenergy left in the structure of the food which can be utilised by breaking the food down enzymatically and then oxidise it again. Therefore, bioenergy is used by the body as binding energy to combine atoms to molecules and combine smaller molecules into bigger molecules. In this way the body uses bioenergy to build its structure. By breaking down the food structure bioenergy can be set free and used for moving muscles or restoring the body structure. People who can easily break down food during digestion and then oxidise the resulting nutrients in their cells, produce plenty of bioenergy in this process, but people who have problems digesting and oxidising their food will remain low in energy and greatly benefit from additional bioenergy as from living food or sunshine.

If we want to retain a fair amount of bioenergy in cooked food we need to observe several precautions.

These are:-
Minimise steam escaping while cooking food. Cook at or even below 100 degrees C until well-done. To warm up after  storage reheat only to about 50 degrees C. Do not cook such food in a metal pot or keep a metal object in touch with the food. Enameled pots are better, glass pots are best.

The reason for these rules is that during cooking bioenergy leaches out from food pieces into the cooking water from which it easily escapes with raised temperature and by contact with blanc metal (Wilhelm Reich). Frying is not good either as water and bioenergy are driven out by high temperatures, and proteins are even more degenerated than by cooking at lower temperatures. A further problem is the destruction of enzymes during cooking. This is most important with meat and other proteins. Therefore, as a general rule, cook vegetables while using the mentioned precautions but avoid cooking meat as this destroys the valuable enzymes and degenerates cooked proteins. Instead organic or free-range meat may be cut up and pureed.

The Problem with Synthetics and Dried or Processed Food

Dried or processed food, if made from real food, does not have any free bioenergy left, but can still be enzymatically broken down to set free the atomic and molecular binding energies.

In contrast to synthetics there are still enzyme systems in place to safely remove the residues through the liver or kidneys. Synthetics, on the other hand, cannot be enzymatically broken down and safely removed from the body, the less so the bigger they are.

Synthetics can be useful and sometimes even necessary because they have active groups that can help with specific problems, especially in case of severe deficiencies. But the price for this is increasing toxicity of the body and commonly long-term deterioration. The most toxic synthetics generally are medical drugs. However also most vitamin supplements are synthetic and not good in the long run. Vitamins designated as either D- or L- are biological and made with fungal enzymes in a quasi fermentation process. Other vitamins such as the B-vitamins are purely synthetic as are also most amino acids as well as commercial citric acid and choline. Therefore it greatly helps to make an effort to get important nutrients from real food rather then from commercial synthetics.

Important Nutrients

The main nutrients needed in this regeneration program are those that improve liver functions. These are mainly oxidative and digestive liver enzymes, choline, P5P, taurine, vitamins, amino acids and various other nutrients. The main food to supply these in biological form is raw organic liver. This may be pureed and frozen in big ice cube trays and supplies all of the needed biochemicals. However, liver is very high in vitamin A which needs to be balanced with vitamin D3, e.g. 5000 IU/day.

Choline is best obtained from raw liver, raw egg yolk, lecithin (best GMO-free), and from unrefined oils. Bile ist mostly made from choline and taurine. It is needed to absorb and use fat soluble nutrients, to detoxify the liver, and remove fat-soluble toxins from the body.

Taurine is not only needed to make bile but overall is one of the most important bio-molecules in the body. We can make it ourselves by oxidising methionine and cysteine, but with defective oxidation we need to get at least a minimum from food or supplements.

The highest content is in brown muscle meat and in the heart, the hardest working muscle. With sufficient taurine we get no heart disease. Smaller animals have much more than larger animals, mice seem to be the highest source, e.g. for pets. Turkey thighs and brown flesh of drum sticks are especially high with about 300 mg/100 g, chicken hearts and legs are high in taurine.

Also fish such as tuna have a high content in their brown flesh, Yellowfin tuna contains over 900 mg per 100 g, shellfish can have even more, scallops over 800 mg, mussels 650 mg and clams 520 mg. Octopus contains about 335 mg and squid 219 mg.

The digestion of cooked meat and seafood can be much improved by mixing some raw minced meat with it after sufficiently cooling down, also mixing it with papaya or bromelain and papain helps.

The saving grace for vegans are some Japanese seaweeds. Red seaweed is reasonably high but not brown seaweed. Even better is Nori a paper-like seaweed product used to make sushi. It has 1300 mg per 100 g. One thin sheet may provide 40 mg.

Gelatine is the main food to build connective tissue as in muscles, skin, blood vessels etc. It works closely together with vitamin C and cellular oxidation. It is easily obtained from bone broth or fish skins, but even commercial dried gelatine may be used, provided it is not made from pigs, try to find out. Generally avoid pig meat, including ham and bacon.  

Here are some of the basic conditions that you may need to work on...

1.    Intestinal sanitation – clean out the gastro-intestinal tract, remove old waste accumulations and pathogenic microbes, and replace them with “good” bacteria and much vegetable fibre

2.    Remove microbes from the blood and other organs with an antimicrobial therapy

3.    Periodic cleansing to reduce the level of toxic waste accumulated in the body

4.    Test your food for allergies and sensitivities

5.    Make sure that you have good water for drinking and cooking, try distilled water with added sea minerals

6.    Check whether your body is too acid or too alkaline and correct imbalance by keeping the urine near pH 7

7.    Sanitize your living and working conditions, especially in regard to electro-pollution and air-pollution

8.    Adopt a healthy diet that is suitable for your blood group or metabolic type. Eat Real Food and nutrients that are not synthetic or highly processed

9.    Check for and try to correct any obvious nutritional deficiencies, best with food high in these lacking items  

Recommended Reading

It is highly desirable that you get a basic understanding of these processes.

For this read the following articles, and re-read especially the three top articles or whatever you do not immediately understand.

However, start with oxygen therapies and detox as soon as conveniently possible, even before reading all of the recommended articles.

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