by Walter Last

This section deals with the non-physical energies, variously called life-force, bio-energy, prana, chi, orgone energy, od and many other names. It is this energy level that we most easily see as the innermost aura around living objects or that we sometimes feel as various sensations such as heat or tingling in our body, especially when transferring energy as with 'laying on of hands' or Reiki. It is also the energy that fuels our sexuality and that we feel most strongly during orgasm.

This energy circulates in our acupuncture system and its vortices form our chakra system. It is not only at the base of most paranormal or psychic phenomena, but is also the healing agent of many natural therapies, such as homoeopathy. While it is still unknown to orthodox science, it is an everyday experience of many sensitive individuals. Just as electromagnetic energies have a wide range of wavelengths or frequencies, so also have the bio-energies.

A relatively easy way to learn feeling bio-energy is to shake the body and especially the arms and hands rapidly for about a minute together with deep and fast breathing and then stop suddenly. Remain completely still with the arms slightly raised in front of your abdomen or chest as if holding a large beach ball. Concentrate on the sensation in your hands and arms.

For an excellent site on the orgone energy research of Wilhelm Reich as well as links to other bio-energy sites see the Public Orgonomic Research Exchange (PORE) at http://orgone.org/ .

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